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Product design that will (hopefully) change the world

Stopping phone spam is a noble mission if we’ve ever heard one. We worked on the user interface that will, fingers crossed, help end spam calls for good — because they're the worst.

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EndSpam is for anyone who hates spam calls. So... everyone. The app user interface was designed to be as user friendly as possible, even for people who might otherwise not use software very often. This project revolved around the data. How to display data clearly, making sure the essentials are available at a glance, the details are there when you need them, and making the process of downloading, sharing, and archiving as painless and simple as possible.

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Once the architecture was outlined in the wireframing stage, the app UI was crafted in Figma. While maintaining a careful consideration of legibility for various age groups, we were on a mission to inject joy throughout the design, wherever possible. We hope (fingers crossed) to do our part in the global war against spam calls, because they really are the worst.

Unfortunately, as of 2022, EndSpam no longer exists, but we continue to believe in their noble mission.

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