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A rising tide lifts all boats

We've never believed in trade secrets — it's that simple. Our team is super collaborative with each other, the community, and you. Need advice on a web project that you can't hire us for? We're still happy to help.

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Joshua Sauder

The Mission

I founded Absurdity because I believe that we, as creatives, can do better to disrupt what has become the norm and put trust back into the industry. Our team is here to lead by example.

Raised in the era of web and social responsibility, the Absurdity team is meticulous when it comes to design and deliverables that solve clients’ problems while cultivating a personable, trustworthy relationship through clear communication and transparency. We don't believe in hidden costs or surprise invoices.

We live and work by the principle that treating people and their needs with respect, both clients and staff, creates a direct path to great results. For our team, we value a healthy work-life balance, fair pay, flexible schedules, and reasonable workloads. For our clients, we value up-front pricing, transparent business practices, clear and honest communication, and excellent work that moves business forward.

That’s our mission.

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It's almost like we care or something


Around here, we care about your brand just as much as you do. And we make it a point to treat you the way we treat our own friends and family.


From process to pricing, we’re big fans of honesty, trust, and transparency every step of the way. Some might even say we’re kind of obsessed with it.


Creating great things requires taking risks and asking what if. We aren’t afraid to challenge normalcy and push boundaries to move forward.


We take pride in doing excellent work and maintaining quality in everything we do – even if that means rethinking the way it’s always been done.

A Webflow Agency

We've designed and developed Webflow sites for the very best.

We are a collective of designers, developers, and writers. We operate smoothly because we believe in clear and honest communication; with each other, with our Webflow agency pricing, and with you.

Joshua Sauder

Owner, Designer, + Dev

I approach every Webflow agency project as an opportunity to create something beautiful and effective. Working with talented, caring people is the key to accomplishing that every time.


Your site should refuse to fit in.

If you want to talk about it, we'll be around.
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