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Capturing the joy of summer camps

The Webflow CMS powers almost the entire project to keep it adaptable, expandable, and easy to edit.

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Some websites have a complex content structure. Some sites are teeming with personality. Camp Carl does both. Heavily utilizing the Webflow CMS, the Camp Carl project was created with the team in mind. We knew from the start that it would need edibility at every turn. From changing camp availabilities and pricing to adding events and downloads, every element of this site is created to be expandable.

Project Goals

  1. Develop a website that reflects Camp Carl's personality, history, and mission.
  2. Create a user-friendly, responsive design that is easy to navigate for campers and parents.
  3. Utilize Webflow CMS to make the site easily editable for the Camp Carl team.
  4. Integrate event registration, downloads, and other features to improve the user experience.

Discovery and Planning

We started by collaborating with the Camp Carl team to understand their needs and objectives. We utilized Octopus to create a full sitemap, ensuring that we captured all essential pages and features for the website. This process allowed us to understand the structure and hierarchy of the website, which informed our design decisions.

Design Exploration and Page Design in Figma

Our team began exploring design ideas for the website, focusing on creating a look and feel that would represent Camp Carl's unique personality. We gathered inspiration from various sources, including other summer camps, outdoor organizations, and even time spent walking around Camp Carl's campus.

Using Figma, we designed each page of the website, keeping user experience and responsiveness in mind. We worked closely with the Camp Carl team to gather feedback and make revisions, ensuring that the final design met their expectations and requirements.

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Development in Webflow

With the design finalized, we began developing in Webflow. Webflow's CMS features allowed us to create a highly editable and easily manageable website for the CC team. We set up custom fields and content collections to enable them to update essential information, such as camp availability, pricing, events, and downloads.

We also integrated event registration forms and downloadable resources to improve the user experience and make it easy for campers and parents to access important information. We optimized the website for responsiveness, because if you're not doing that in 2023 you're not a real web developer.

Launch and Post-Launch Support

After launch, we provided the Camp Carl team with training videos (via Loom) on how to update and manage their website using Webflow's CMS. We continue to offer support and maintenance to ensure the website remains up-to-date and functional.

The Camp Carl website is now a vibrant, engaging platform that showcases the camp's personality and effectively communicates their mission. The responsive design and easy-to-use Webflow CMS ensure that the Camp Carl team can keep the site updated with the latest information and provide an enjoyable user experience for parents and campers alike.

Thank you, Camp Carl team, for working with us!

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"Joshua and the extended Absurdity team were a joy to work with. Our former website had gotten confusing and disjointed. Absurdity was able to distill all the different aspects of our business into an easy to follow navigation making the experience so much better for our families and retreat groups. Joshua and his team listened to what was important to us as a Christian camp and designed a site that conveys our values and mission. He was patient and kind and extremely responsive with us throughout the entire process, taking extra time to train us so that we could easily update the website ourselves. We truly enjoy working with Absurdity and would recommend them a thousands times over."

Tom Sullivan

Camp Director

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