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Cloud-based video tools ahead of their time

Otter Network is revolutionizing what video tools can be. As they say, "Record. Stream. Monetize. All in the cloud." We worked with their team to create a Webflow site that's just as impressive as their products.

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Brand is everything. The Otter Network site needed to feel more than modern; it needed to exude that "it-just-works" aura. There's a strange balance that most websites need to achieve: you need to be familiar enough for users to get where they need to go, yet unique enough to stand out. That can be a challenging goal, but the Otter Network site is an excellent example of that concept in action. You'll find that everything immediately feels straightforward to explore while being just a little different from usual.

Starting with the Home page, we created their site in Figma, giving us more flexibility to explore design options, rather than designing directly in Webflow. After settling on a direction, Webflow development began. We crafted each and every section to be creative, fun, and of course fully responsive.

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We believe there's magic in the details. Small things that you might not even notice — like the way hovering over a button eases into the fade instead of fading linearly. Yes, that's a tiny detail, but those details contribute more than you realize to the overall feel of a web experience. It's that level of care and detail that should be standard in every single website. Unfortunately, that's often not the case. If you want to learn more about how we work, we've got a page for that, or feel free to reach out and we can talk.

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"One of the best design firms I've ever worked with. Josh and his team are crazy talented, organized, responsive, and super fun to work with. Our new website took us to another level, and the process was completely enjoyable. We can't wait to work with Absurdity again."

Colette Sandstedt

Chief Marketing Officer

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