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A stunning site for a medical startup

Combining medical professionalism with tech futurism in a single Webflow site.

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The Who

When we first heard about Illuminant’s revolutionary technology, it was hard not to be excited for them.

It was the sort of thing you wanted to share with anyone who would listen. They are a young group of entrepreneurs passionate about helping people and want to make a tool for others in their profession to be better healthcare providers.

We were blown away by the capabilities of their hand-free surgical technology and what it would do to change the way surgeons performed their procedures.

The Challenge

One of the issues Illuminant had was that they wanted a website that balanced their modern and energetic outlook on the medical profession, with the level of expertise and the high standard of care they practiced. So this website needed to reflect their dedication and desire to push boundaries.

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The “Oh That's Nice”

We focused heavily on leveraging all the great visual elements they had at their disposal and made sure the copy was interesting and exciting for the kinds of visitors Illuminant wanted: surgeons and healthcare professionals that wanted to take their practice to the next level.

Illuminant had fantastic 3D renders and simulations of their technology, and these became the focal point of their website. We wanted to showcase not only how groundbreaking this new imaging technology was but also wanted visitors to see for themselves how using Illuminant’s tool could change and improve the way they performed their surgeries.

The Handoff

The result of our focused design is a website that not only shows the world how amazing Illuminant is but also a website that they could be proud of as well. Visitors can literally see how incredible this technology is and how it will transform their practice.

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