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A nostalgic brand and website for a modern ransomware solution

Created in Webflow, we referenced warm gradients, vintage typefaces, and 90s vibes to create a brand and website that will stand out in tech. Oh, and they're innovating to defeat ransomware, too.

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For the cybersecurity experts who want to be ready for when ransomware strikes, Halcyon stands out from the rest. We sought to appeal to decision makers with a combination of expertise and nostalgia.

They shed the often overused dark and brooding aesthetic of so many modern tech companies in favor of a refreshingly energetic approach. We studied print ads and fashion from the 1990's, as well as various west coast, beach, and sunset imagery to develop typography and colors.

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We started with the brand. After approximately a million sketches, we landing on a select few logos and refined. The brand guidelines we developed informed every website decision afterward.

The website was developed in Webflow. Motion, energy, and interaction were essential to the mood we were seeking to create, with the "sunset" section on the homepage being one of the core features. You'll notice references to "sky" throughout the site. We're delighted with the results of the Halcyon website, it's light, friendly, yet knowledgeable approach, and the encompassing brand it represents.

Halcyon is different. We love different.

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